SHREE BHAGWATI is renowned for its contribution to the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, Cosmetics and other allied industries as a Single Stop Solution Provider for Solid Formulations and much more. Started in 1995, its experience, spanning over 3 decades has added immense value to the granulation, drying, milling, blending, micronizing, coating and pelletizing processes of innumerable companies in India and world over.


Mixers & Blenders – Powder & Packaging Machines 

plough mixer

Powder blenders & Mixers from Shree Bhagwati Machtech  – UK  include Cage , Double Cone ,Y / V , Ribbon & Paddle designs and ranges from 1/2 cu ft to 1000 cu. ft. productions unit. Many product including spice , pharmaceuticals, foods (BISSC certified), chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, and cosmetics are manufactured in Shree Bhagwati Machtech – UK Cage , Double Cone ,Y / V , Ribbon & Paddle.

powder ribbon blender machine

Powder Mixer and Blender Machine like Ribbon Blender Machine, Bin Blending Machine, Powder Mixer Machine, Double Cone Blender, Octagonal Blender, V Blender , Blending Cage , Double Cone ,Y / V , Bin  and  Ribbon Vertical Blender , plough mixer for various industries etc.

V Blender , Blending Cage , Double Cone ,Y Blender machine, V Blender equipment

V Blender , Blending Cage , Double Cone ,Y Blender machine, V Blender equipment

Double Cone Blender Machine 

The Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. All the contact parts are made of stainless steel. The effective volume for optimum homogeneity is between 35-70% of gross volume. The SLANT double cone design eliminates dead sports, which occasionally occur in conventional double cone mixer. It can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc.


  • Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsule formulations
  • Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet granules.

Salient Features

  • The conical shape at both ends enable uniform mixing and easy discharge
  • The cone is statically balanced to avoid any excessive load on the gear box and motor
  • While the powder can be loaded into the cone through a wider opening, it can be discharged through a butterfly or slide valve
  • Depending upon the product, paddle-type baffles can be provided on the shaft for better mixing inside the cone.
  • The contact parts are made of either SS 304 or SS 316
  • Fame proof motor can be supplied as optional
  • Capacity available 20lts.3000 Liters
  • The working capacity can be exchanged to 80% of gross capacity by validated study depending on the product.
  • ‘Slant’ designed (off centre Double Cone Blender is also available.)

Octagonal Blender Machine

Octagonal Blenders, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process to larger volume of material. it occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like ‘V’ and Double Cone. Power consumption is also less, The blending takes place at low speed during operation. It is well balanced even in higher capacities.


  • Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsules formulations.
  • Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet Granules

Salient features:

  • Contact parts in stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Octagonal shaped with rectangular center, conical discharge frustum and rectangular top frustum
  • Baffles provided in the shell
  • Manhole with gasket is provided to fix baffles and for ease of cleaning the shell
  • Charging and discharging is through a butterfly valve. A conical adaptor can be provided for fixing charging drum after butterfly valve
  • Unit can be provided with bin charging arrangement
  • All moving parts are enclosed in guards
  • A safety railing with a limit switch is provided for operator safety · Manual Inching arrangement can be provided
  • Flame – proof motors with flame – proof push button stations can be provided.

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