How does Double Cone blender Works?

The double cone mixer is used to create standardized solid to solid fusion. Combination is a frequent progression step in assemble of products for industries for instance are plastics, fertilizers, cosmetics, chemical, detergents healthcare and food.

Operating principle

Shree Bhagwati makes the wide product range of conical powder mixer. Body of the blender consists of two cone shaped parts are welded at their bases to a central cylindrical segment. The axes of rotary motion are at right angles to the cone axis and pass through the cylindrical segment. The heavy motor is situated at one of the two tangential supports hold the blender corpse. The solids are introduced into the mixer through the load opening. In this sort of twin cone mixer, mixing takes place axially, at the same time as a consequence of the fine particles moving through the dissimilar section. Mixing is methodical but it depends on the revolving speed. The combination is discharge from side to side a hermetically concluding butterfly valve which can be function physically or mechanically. The unit is providing with a protector rail with electrical protection to stop the operative from right of entry it when in function. If anyone has to gain access to the unit, for protection reason, the function will finish.

Design and features

The sequence consists of 6 models with a whole capacity of 2 Kg to 2500 Kgs and a helpful capacity of 65% of the totality. This powder blender is particularly intended for responsive mixtures with risk of rupture where the generation of dust is to be avoided. Addition time vary involving it 5 to 999 minutes depending on the fusion. The internal of the double cone blender incorporate a cone mount on the turn axis on together sides. This structure eliminates the formation of deceased spaces and facilitates gravity absolve. The component is insincere in SS 316 quality for all parts in contact with the invention and SS 304 for the supports and the rest of the paraphernalia. The internal and external surfaces of double cone powder mixer have a bright polished finish. Due to the elegant surface and lack of edges or corners, the unit can be simply clean also physically or mechanically with CIP arrangements. Custom design can available as per the customer requirements.


This unit allow the amalgamation of a fluid spray arrangement to bring in liquids in spray shape throughout the development. The injector is linked to the spray nozzles by means of a rotary arrangement and is fed with additives from a under pressure tank or by means of a changeable dislocation pump at stable pressure. The mechanical stop positions are: loading, discharging, and sampling. Previous to stop at one of these three positions, the arrangement performs cycles which slow down the mixer in direct to reach the stop location with the maximum probable precision and remainder halt at that direct. The unit can be capable of with a mechanical loading arrangement for introduce the powder and granule into the powder cone mixer machine body by means of a vacuum unit with self-cleaning hoses. It prevents formation of clean. The skid can also be providing with a total monoblock vacuum unit with liquid ring pump. It is probable to establish a mechanical vacuum discharge arrangement. It includes an invention receiving hopper with a mechanical self-cleaning filter; with a control panel for the element. The loading/exonerate can be approved out with pneumatically actuate retractable hermetic bellows. This arrangement and the vacuum loading/discharge can be combined.

Salient Feature:

  • All contact parts are completed by SS 316 & non contact parts are completed by SS 304.
  • Double movement mixer conical shape at both ends enables homogeneous mixing and effortless discharge.
  • Maximum care has been taken to make certain safe function of the unit.
  • Manual gyratory capacity with hand wheel for inch. It will be provided with Stainless Steel coat & limit switch. (In 200 Kgs. & above model)
  • Two number of safety rod will be provided at backside.
  • Appropriate size of butter fly control device at one end of the cone provided for substance discharge & hole with open able wrap provided at other end of the cone for material charging & cleaning
  • One shaft with 04 nos.( as per the design) of rigid buffels with mirror refined provided inside the cone.
  • Twin Cone mixer will be mirror refined from the inside & outside and configuration will be matt polished.
  • Panel made-up from SS304 material with ability of three phase signal, D.O.L. starter, digital timer & Amp. Meter.
  • Food grade rubber basket will be used on both ends of cone as well as in butterfly control device.
  • Inside & outside of the double cone solids mixer will be polished by mirror finished.
  • All safety guards & covers made out of SS304 in GMP Model.
  • Hand wheel will be provided for manual slanting of cone.
  • Safety guards provide with boundary switch to not start the machine when safety guards are not Locked.
  • Machine Operation - Push Button Panel Or Programmable logic controller(PLC)


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