Rotocone Vacuum Dryer ,Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer

The Rotocone Vacuum Dryer facilitates enhanced drying efficiency, low temperature operation and economy of process by total solvent recovery. The rotary action of the dryer together with mechanical action of the breakers cuts down drying time and gives a lump-free product

Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer is suitable for drying of materials which cannot resist high temperature, materials which are easily oxidized, volatile materials which should be retrieved, materials that are strong irritants and poisonous in nature. The Roto Cone Dryer with improved technology integrates during operation under vacuum.

The RotoCone Dryer facilitates enhanced drying efficiency, low temperature operation and economy of process by total solvent recovery. It helps cGMP base working by achieving optimum dust control, while offering advantages of efficient charging and discharging of materials. It is suitable for Drying fine chemicals,Food products,API & Pharmaceuticals,Powders,Powdered metals,Fibers,Plastics etc. many more sizes:0.2 to 500 cubic feet.

RCVD is most appropriate for drying materials that are not fit for opposing high temperature levels and materials that are noxious and solid aggravations. These are additionally helpful in turning away oxidized and unstable materials that require to be recovered.The Rotocone blender machines is unmistakably worked under vacuum

We have a done installation locally and as well as internationally.

How does it work?

The vacuum drying forces the pressure in the narrow gaps and in the tubes to decrease,which enables in the moisture in the gaps to evaporate faster.

What is the Capacity?

RCVD Capacity standard models range from 50,100,325,500,750,1000,1500,2000,300,5000,10000 &20000 Kgs/Ltrs

What are the application of Rotocone Vacuum dryer?

  • Drying fine chemicals
  • Food products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Powders
  • Fibers
  • Plastics

What are the silent features?

  • GMP Model for pharmaceutical,Chemical and Food Industry.
  • Suitable for powder granules,free flowing material
  • Under vacuum Drying with lower temperature
  • Solvent recovery
  • Closed blending with drying system-Autoc charging & discharging
  • Optionally offer sampling port without breaking vacuum
  • Optionally offer for Lump breaker
  • Optionally offer for N2 Pulsing & purging arrangement.
  • The simple unobstructed 45 degree cone allows all products to freely discharge

What are the advantages?

  • Easy to clean internal surface ensures purity of product.
  • Uniform material shuffling over the heated contact surface of the cone
  • Handling and exposure of final product is avoided
  • Gives uniform size dry product system can process
  • Reduces drying time