About Rotocone Vacuum Dryer and Ploughshare Mixer

Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer is suitable for drying the material which cannot operate at low Temperature easily oxidized, poisonous in nature. It operates at low Temperature efficiently under vacuum. It is very economical by total solvent recovery. The roto cone vacuum dryer is equipment used in drying of products that are damaged by high temperatures and materials having special characteristics such as easily oxidized, strong irritants, poisonous dust and volatile compounds. The machine is also designed to release a product that is completely powdered and lump free.

In operation, the rotocone vacuum dryer dries product through creation of a vacuum. This decreases the pressure around the product to below the vapour pressure of water and creates the effect of reducing product water boiling point which then evaporates and there is enhanced rate of drying of the product. The process is also done under low relative humidity for better drying.

To enhance the rate of drying, the rotocone vacuum dryer manufacturers may add lump breakers onto the cone for breaking the large clumps of material inside the rotating cone, increasing the drying surface area and achieves more efficient drying.

Here is the full visualization of the Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

The double cone vacuum dryer also utilizes the vacuum drying technology with greater drying efficiency. Wet product goes through an indirect heating process and agitation with tumbling action, all while inside a vacuum to achieve rapid drying. In this process, recovery of solvent is also possible through condensation processes.

With constant innovation, the RVCD manufacturer has been able to deliver highly precise models that achieve thorough drying of product, uniformity of products, reduced drying time and an easy to clean and maintain machine. The roto cone vacuum dryer is mainly used in chemicals processing and pharmaceutical industries where air contamination can easily occur with other types of dryers.

Standard models range from 50, 100, 325, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000 Ltrs Rotocone Vacuum Dryer , Rotocone Vacuum Dryer Manufacturer, RCVD manufacturer, Double Cone Vacuum Dryer Manufacturer.

Silent Features of Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

  • Our Machines Are Simple And Effective Method Of Drying Wet Cakes And Sometimes Slurries.
  • Especially Uniform Material Shuffling Over the Heated Contact Surface of the Rotocone Dryers.
  • Drying Time Reduces And Eliminates Need Of Re -Drying Of Lumps.
  • N2 Pulse Jet Dust Filter Provided For Better Operational Efficiency of Products.
  • Discharge Valve with Quick Openable For Direct Packing of Dry Products into Bags or Drums.
  • Best Suitable To Process Crystalline Or Amorphous Powders Which Prone For Lumps.
  • Cgmp Construction with Safety Railing to Avoid Personnel Injury.
  • Available From 100 Ltrs. To 5000 Ltrs. Gross Capacity.
  • Due To Vacuum And Agitation, It Is Possible To Dry Heat Sensitive Materials.
  • No Degradation Due To Over Exposure, More Temperature and Time.

Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both Dry and Wet materials. (Also named ploughshare mixer, low mixer, plough mixer) consists of a cylindrical drum containing plough shaped mixing elements that are mounted on a horizontal shaft. It creates a mechanical fluidized bed mixing action. Plough shear mixer is widely used in the mixture of chemical materials, pigment, pharmaceutics materials, feedstuff, especially in the mixture of fragile solid grain; in a short time, the mixer has good mixing effect for the materials which has a great difference in grain and density.

The plough shear mixer can be designed to carry out the industrial processes like Mixing, Drying, Reacting, Moistening/Coating, Sterilization, Granulation and Emulsification. Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both Dry and Wet materials. Plough shape shovels mounted on central shaft with its intendeds are easily penetrable through the dense powder mass in a cylindrical drum or a vessel.

Here is the full visualization of the Ploughshare Mixer

Mixer shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical drum. The size, number and positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing. Plough Shear Mixer Shuffling of the mixture is achieved by broader end of the shovels. Penetration followed by agitation of the mass in quick succession of the specially designed blades results in homogeneity of powder mass both in dry and wet stages. Appropriate dough formation is reached in later process.

Centrally mounted chopper will then operate to obtain wet granules of uniform size. Mixed homogeneous mass can be easily discharged from bottom of the mixing drum which is provided with flush fit discharge port.

Standard Features of Plough Shear Mixer

  • Capacity range from 100-30000L
  • Mild Steel/Stainless Steel construction
  • one end welded and one end bolted
  • Normal Temperature and Pressure inside mixer
  • Gear Reducer Motor
  • Gland Packing Seal + Air Purge Seal
  • Pneumatic Operated Outlet Valve

Global industrial mixers market

This global industrial mixers market analysis report provides market segmentation by end-user (F&B, pharmaceutical, chemical, W&WW, and others), and by region (the Americas, APAC, and EMEA). This report provides an in-depth analysis of the prominent factors influencing the market, including drivers, opportunities, trends, and industry-specific challenges.
Of the four major end-users, the chemical segment held the largest industrial mixers market share in 2017, contributing to over 34% of the market. This end-user segment will dominate the global market throughout the forecast period.

Global industrial dryers market

Robust demand for industrial dryers in the food and pharmaceutical industry is expected to influence the overall growth of industrial dryers market in the near future. In order to maintain a superior product quality and functional value, end user industries such as food and pharmaceutical heavily depend on high performance dryer systems. In addition, stiffer government guidelines for manufacturing processes coupled with increasing concerns over sustainable industrial expansion has compelled these industries to intensify production operations. A study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR) reveals that the demand for new industrial dryers will reach at 3,049 units globally by 2024.

Ploughshare mixer -  continuous mixing with Ploughshare Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers  GMP Batch Ploughshare Mixers.

Get best technology with lowest price Plough Shear Mixer (also named ploughshare mixer, plow mixer, plough mixer ) Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers Ploughshare mixers have applications in different  industries like Chemicals ,Pharmaceuticals , Ceramics , Agrochemicals ,Veterinary ,Adhesives ,Brake linings , Confectionery products,Detergents ,Waste treatment , Cement , Spice ,  Food flavoring/additives, Sponge/cake mixes, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Powdered rubber etc Mixing of wet slurries – e.g. Filter cake re-slurrying, dough, Fiber glass resin dough putty , Wet granulation , Liquid coating of powders and granules ,Fat and oil incorporation , Vacuum drying , Hot air drying.

Rotocone vacuum dryer , Vacuum dryer & blender best drying & mixing powder with most energy efficient, gentle and cost

Plough Shear Mixer Machine ,  Plow Mixer , Ploughshare Mixer , Plough Mixer Equipment


Features of Plough Shear Mixer

ploughshare mixer basic designs

ploughshare mixer basic designs

  • Capacity range from 100-30000L
  • Mild Steel/Stainless Steel construction
  • One end welded and one end bolted
  • Normal Temperature and Pressure inside mixer
  • Gear Reducer Motor
  • Gland Packing Seal + Air Purge Seal
  • Pneumatic Operated Outlet Valve


Application of Plough Mixer

The batch plough shear mixer is the most versatile mixer type available with an extensive range of applications:

paste mixing

  • Dry powder mixing
  • Paste mixing
  • Mixing of wet slurries
  • Wet granulation
  • Liquid coating of powders and granules
  • Fat and oil incorporation
  • Vacuum drying

Processed Material:

  • Foods
  • Starch
  • Flavoring
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Detergent
  • Soaps
  • Metal Powders
  • Minerals
  • Friction Material
  • Ceramics
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Cement and Sand
  • Carbon black
  • Fire retardants
  • Talcum powders

Plough mixer is widely used to mix powder, granule, and small liquid additives in food, chemical, and construction line, It is particularly good at handling food additives, mortar, fertilizing, sludge, plastic, and special building material. The powerful shearing effect makes it high efficiency, and good mixing result.

Batch working volume: 0.1-20cbm
Batch weight: 0.3-15tons
Material: 316L, 304, mild steel

1.Flexible material selection

Material can be chosen from carbon steel, manganese steel, ss304, 316L and 321; besides, different material can also be used in combination. Material is different between the part contact with the raw material and the parts don’t contact with the raw material. Surface treatment for stainless steel include sandblasting, wiredrawing, polishing, mirror polishing, all can be used in different parts of a mixer

2.Reliable driven unit

The driven unit, power and output speed are varied according to different raw material, starting method, and processing. Options for motor: general motors, explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motor, high efficiency and energy saving motor. Commonly used reducers: R-series, K-series, and F-series gear box; cycloidal reducer, universal gear reducer, planetary gear reducer. Commonly used connection: direct connection, pulley connection, hydraulic coupler connection

3.High efficiency mixing unit

The plow heads in the plough shear mixer can be dismount able, which is convenient for replacement. Wear-resistance treatment is done on the plough, making the plough is more adapted to the severe wear conditions. Different main shaft agitators can be equipped according to the properties of raw materials


Technology              : Plough
Batch/continuous   :  Batches
Product type            : granulates, solid/liquid, powder
Loading                    : side-loading

Applications : for the food industry, for the chemical industry, for the plastics industry, constructions.