Here is a Method for Helping to Mix It in Plough Mixer

Plough Shear Mixer is intended for heavy duty amalgamation of together Dry and Wet supplies. Plough shape shovel mount on middle shaft with its intendeds are with no trouble penetrable from side to side the intense fine particles mass in a cylindrical drum or a vessel. Shuffle of the combination is achieved by broader end of the shovel.

Diffusion follows by campaigning of the accumulation in rapid sequence of the particularly intended blades result in homogeneity of fine particles mass both in dehydrated and damp stage. Suitable dough configuration is reach in later on practice. Centrally mount chopper will then function to get hold of moist granule of harmonized size. Diverse harmonized mass can be with no trouble discharge from underneath of the combination drum which is providing with flush fit free port.

Plough Shear Mixer has a parallel cylindrical form with flat end plates. The major shaft passes from side to side the alliance of the liner and is support at the end dishes in particularly intended bearing housing. The plough shaped combination elements are in order concentrically on the major shaft. The permission involving the ploughs and case wall is smallest amount, to make possible better combination.

Plow mixer consists of a cylindrical drum enclose plough shaped mixing rudiments that are mount on a parallel shaft. It creates an automatic fluidized bed amalgamation act. The combination tools progress and throw substance missing from the wall into free space in a interweave course, and the wrong way round back again. The plow separate and lifts the construct into three-dimensional association, at the similar time as the numeral and preparation of the equipment assure demonstration back and onwards all along the detachment end to end of the container. When essential, the merge achievement is help by eminent speed chopper devices–self-regulating immediate motors with customized blade for addition shear to the produce mix

Principles of Operation

The Mixer consists of a cylindrical shell, fixed with sequence of plough rotate on the middle beam which incorporates plough motion. This prototype results in collision and combination of both dry and wet supplies. Plough Shear blender is extended term method for a variety of function like combination, pulverize, dispersal etc.

Manifold Choppers are permanent on the combination vessel connecting ploughs. Choppers can be with manifold blades or easy depending on the application. They avoid lump arrangement and enhanced mixing. For controlling the amalgamation, the cleaver motor can be switched on and off separately.

Plough shear mixer is a characteristic blender for combination extremely glutinous supplies where the plough is contravention the lumps and sticky supplies to disconnect and once more mix them with previous particle. From time to time ploughs are in dissimilar shape according to exacting obligation. We insert the Ribbon with plough for improved combination.

Ploughshare Mixers (or plow mixers) function on the standard of an automatically generate liquid bed with three dimensional association of the result. They supply exceptional solution for combination supplies like heavy pastes powders, and powders with liquids such as dough moulding compound (DMC) and putties. Homogenous mixing of supplies with particle sizes changing density, flow-properties, and structures is achieved in quick time. The ploughshare mixer can combine the substance in beneath 5 minutes with 94 to 97 percent homogeneity. The mixer can handle substance with viscosities in the variety of 600,000 centipoises.

Common Parts


Usually a feed inlet nozzle is providing at the top of the mixer with rapid aperture lid gyratory valve, Butterfly valve etc. can be providing depending on function. Release nozzle is provide at the foundation of shell for discharge wet or dry substance function of Discharge door shall be operate physically. This can be pneumatic or hydraulic depending on function. In addition this one or more Flat type assessment doors can be set, on the frontage side of the blender.


Mixer can be intended with jacket or without jacket for heating or cooling function.

Vacuum / Pressure

The paraphernalia can be intended for pressure and vacuum function where in solid/Liquid/gas stage result can be approved out.


Fluid combination is fixed in the middle of motor and gear box to stop shock load on gear box, avoid the depiction of huge present by the motor and damage to the drive elements owing to on a daily basis early and stop of motor.

Control Panel

On off control for cultivate and grind. Pressure indicator, Voltmeter, Temperature indicator, Ammeter, Audio Visual Alarm is housed in the panel.