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How can mix it in ultra vacuum mixer?


The origin of mixing arrangement of Ultra Vacuum Mixer is a mixture of counter – gyratory paddle agitator and interior homogenizer. Gate-type agitator with cross baffle rotate in anti-clockwise direction while counter paddle revolve in clockwise direction, generate a trouble in the in general spherical flow prototype and moisten vortex arrangement. The blades of paddles are inclined to encourage top – to base flow. In adding together, adaptable scrapers are utilizing to stop the build-up of a stagnant film among the agitator and the vessel, and promise well-organized heat transmit to produce through heating and cooling steps. The haste of the agitator and the counter paddle can be diverse independently.

Homo disperser, locate at the base of the vessel, accomplish emulsification by objective achievement and centrifugal forces shaped by high speed rotary motion of the rotor. This performance would crack up the oil phase/ aqueous phase fluid stream into minute and distinct droplet. Then they will be intensively and incessantly varied by counter – gyratory agitator machine, and turn into finishing products. For flexibility of use, identical high viscosity and low viscosity homo disperser head are provided with the arrangement. Homo disperser haste is adaptable by inverter organize.

Conical mixing vessel is jacketed for heating / cooling and totally covered. All contact parts are SS 316. The vessel is intended to function below vacuum; combination and emulsification can then be performing without entrainment of air.

A temperature measuring search, extend in a straight line into the product, allows correct location of the temperature with a view to process management. For process reproducibility, mixing time, product agitator speed, counter paddle, temperature, speed and homogenizer haste can be guarded to the required situation.

Raw substance feeding to Vacuum Mixer can be physical through the completely open lid, or totally mechanical from side to side vacuum arrangement. Completed product is discharges by physical discharge regulator or through particular intend transmit pump on movable trolley into produce container.

Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer is appropriate for an extensive selection of thickness creation, i.e. emulsions and semisolid. It integrate with Disparaging, Suspending, Mixing pressure, Homogenizing heating, cooling and vacuum for Agitating, Emulating, & agglomeration functions into single mechanism.

The Ultra Mixer sequence is a vacuum homogenizer. Major function is homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing and deformation. Mixing part that makes shearing power at elevated speed for homogenization and opposes gyratory scraper part that mix the creation at low speed. The heating, cooling, and vacuum pressure devices are intended to handle a variety of produce in the chemical industries, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food. High motorized homogenizer mount at the base of the vessel efficiently mechanism for little volume batch. Frequently appropriate from low viscosity to high thickness.

The units comprise four phase or better rotors that turn at speed to 15,000 feet per minute surrounded by a motionless stator. As the revolving blades pass the stator, they automatically shear the stuffing.
This sequence is a high-quality option for procedure lines that necessitate recurrent conversion from one creation to an additional. An easy valve can divert ended product downstream or switch instantaneously from one vessel to an additional. The Inline models are complete in a lot of sizes and resources of structure from 10 from side to side 250 horsepower. The air satisfied can be controlled and a higher presentation can be achieve by vacuum mixing expertise

Agitator Mixer
Two low speed campaigner; oppose gyratory blender with external anchor stirrer with self pressure Teflon scrappers and contras revolving internal paddle blade.

Ultra Mixer is a mixture of counter – gyratory internal paddle agitator and external anchor agitator, generates an interruption in the usually spherical flow prototype and dampens vortex configuration. The blades of paddles are inclined to encourage top – to underneath flow. In adding together, self adaptable scrapers are utilizing to put off the build-up of a sluggish film among the agitator and the vessel, and promise well-organized heat transmit to product during heating and cooling ladder.

High Speed Homogenizer:
Uneven rotor/stator type Homo disperser, locate at the base of the vessel, accomplish emulsification by corporal action and centrifugal forces created by high speed rotation of the rotor. These performances would break up oil phase/ aqueous phase fluid stream into minute and separate droplet.

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